New Mexico Court of Appeals

The Albuquerque office of the New Mexico Court of Appeals is the only appellate court in the country that is located on a law school campus. As a result, the Court and the UNM School of Law enjoy a unique, mutually beneficial relationship. The Court's judges accept externs from the law school in order to allow students to experience the process of appellate decision-making, and students earn credit in connection with these externships. First year law students have the opportunity to meet informally with judges, law clerks, and staff attorneys during "brown bag" lunches coordinated with the practicum sections. The Court serves as the site of many moot court rehearsals, and Judge Bustamante and Chief Judge Vanzi teach a seminar each spring semester on appellate decision making.

Law students are invited to attend oral arguments at the Court's Albuquerque office. Notices of oral arguments are posted on this web page along with the briefs submitted in connection with those arguments. There are two classrooms at the rear of the courtroom for use by students. The classrooms are soundproof and contain one-way glass so that students may discuss the arguments without disturbing the participants.