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NM Court of Appeals Sets Jan. 13 Hearing

January 2, 2010 - Jen Laws

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The New Mexico Court of Appeals has scheduled a hearing at 10 a.m. Jan. 13 in the Court of Appeals Pamela B. Minzner Law Center. The oral argument is open to the public.
A three-judge panel will preside: Judge Michael D. Bustamante (`74), Judge Jonathan Sutin (`63) and Judge Linda M. Vanzi (`95).

Following are the details of the case:

Art Bustos (`78), as personal representative of the Estate of Marcos Leandro Baca, deceased, and Marcos Baca, Terri Baca and Abel Baca, individually, plaintiffs-appellees, represented by David J. Jaramillo (`94) and James H. Hada


Hyundai Motor Company, Hyundai Motor America and Borman Motor Company, defendants- appellants, represented by Sarah M. Singleton, David M. Prichard and Gene C. Schaerr.

Defendants-appellants contend the plaintiffs-appellees failed to meet their burden of proof to show that the design of car produced and sold by the defendants-appellants contributed to any injuries during a car crash, and the trial court failed to inform the jury of the proper standard of proof.

Appellants’ Brief in Chief
Brief of Amicus Curiae: Association of Commerce And Industry
Brief of Amicus Curiae: The Product Liability Advisory Council, Inc.
Appellees’ Answer Brief
Appellants’ Reply Brief

For more information, contact Nora Gonzales at 505-841-4618.